• a picture of Michael MillthornAbout me, what I do, and my background

    Hi! I’m Mike and I’m a developer making a living from web and mobile development. I have been developing software since around 1985, at that time on C64, ABC80, TI-99 and later on Amiga. With Amiga came also my first experience with C/C++. Those were the days. Today, I am currently engaged in two separate, though somewhat related, projects, as a Developer, developing Android apps and J2EE distributed apps for a local security company.

  • Charity logoCharities, activities, microfinance

    My wife and I have never had career or richness as primary goals in life. Instead we are driven by a more philanthropic approach to life, that is that we all should improve the life of everyone. As such we love charities and microfinance Please join us on Kiva, Pifworld, Lev LaLev or Yad Eliezer among others. However, we believe that the biggest impact is achieved in ones local community, through putting in hours and hard work.

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  • GooeyBits' logoMy business and its objectives

    Iduna/Gooeybits is about to release a couple of Android apps. It is my hope that those apps will be certified carbon neutral by calculating the carbon offset. It does not matter much for the environment we will offset the carbon in either case. I must admit that I'm excited about the potential this little business has. Although it is still many hours of hard work before we see a considerable growth. I will try to keep you updated.

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